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Сертификация продукции
Изображение Название сертификации Сертифицировано Сфера деятельности Дата получения — Дата истечения срока действия Проверено
CCC CCC CQC 2018-02-09 ~ 2022-12-07 Проверено
Test Report Test Report Other Photographic supplementary light 2018-03-26 ~ Проверено
CCC CCC CQC 2018-05-08 ~ 2023-03-09 Проверено
Test Report Test Report Other BATTERY CHARGER 2019-07-16 ~ Проверено
CCC CCC CQC 2019-10-29 ~ 2024-09-05 Проверено
CE CE Other 2020-04-21 ~ 2049-12-31 Проверено
RoHS RoHS AOV Li-ion Battery 2010-06-24 ~ 2028-10-29
CE CE AOV Li-ion Battery 2010-06-29 ~ 2028-09-09
CE CE LCS Product: Dual Charger Model(s): BM048-ENEL14, BM048-ENEL15, BM048-NB2L, BM048-LPE6, BM048-LPE8, BM048-LPE10, BM048-NB10L, BM048-FW50, BM048-BLG10, BM048-BLC12, BM048-ENEL20, BM048-BLS5, BM048-FM500H, BM048-W126, BM048-BLF19, BM048-BLN1, BM048-BP511A, BM048-ENEL3E, BM048-LPE17, BM048-BMB9E, BM048-FZ100, BM048-LPE12, BM048-ENEL9, BM048-LPE5, BM048-F970, BM048-XXXXXXXXX (Where "X" can be 0-9 or A-Z, or +, - or blank used for marking) 2019-08-21 ~
CE CE Shenzhen Southern LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory Ltd LED Video Light or Proffesional Video Light. Model: SL-288A, LED008-SL288A, SL-272A, LED011-SL272A, RL-288A, LED009-RL288A, RL-320A, LED010-RL320, SL-360A, LED-520AS-A, LED-528AS, LED019-528AS, LED-540AS, LED-900AS, LED006-900AS, LED-1296AS, LED007-1296AS, LED-540ASRC, LED014-540ASRC, LED-330RC, LED-330ARC, SL-360ARC, LED013-SL360ARC, LED-600AS, LED005-600AS 2020-04-21 ~
CE CE Shenzhen LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory Ltd. DUAL CHARGER 2019-08-21 ~

Научно-исследовательские работы

There is/are 5 - 10 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.

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